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Sun-savvy websites and resources:

Also try Googling “sunblock clothing” and “sun protection clothing”


For general parenting help and tips on helping your kids choose their friends wisely:
Check out the articles on helping kids succeed in school, get through early adolescence, and become responsible citizens. 

This is a great website so chock full of good stuff that you’ll need to explore it yourself!

The American Academy of Pediatrics Q&A “Parenting Corner” take on helping children choose the right friends.

For handwashing stats and helpful tips try these websites:

The USFDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition website “Handwashing” page.

 This is a fun one if you’re a science wonk.  Basically it says that hand sanitizers, used properly, do work well in the fight against germs.  If you get a kick out of graphs, numbers, tables and info labeled “CFU per plate before and after treatment,” by all means check it out.  You’ll be rewarded with additional links to more technical stuff…er, I mean, important scientific data.

 The name says it all; basic info in a Q and A format.




For Spring Break safety tips for older kids try these websites:

USA Travel Guide’s website includes some great tips on everything from packing to party behavior.

It’s the official U.S. Department of State website’s “Top 5 Travel Safety Tips for Students”, so don’t expect anything too hip and exciting.  But your taxes pay for it, and they do have some informative links, so go ahead and check it out.

This one is hip and exciting, written specifically to and for college students by Erin Weed, a professional speaker, college safety expert and author of “Girls Fight Back! The College Girl’s Guide to Protecting Herself.”  She is also the founder of  Be sure to check out the safety tips and pledge pages.

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  1. jmcaul permalink
    March 7, 2009 10:43 pm

    Yeah Mer, you got the Thompson worry gene alright! Great writing w/humor AND a point!

    Love, J


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