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Why SavvyMomSafeKids?

Call it the curse of a creative mind:  If I let my imagination run away with me, every trip to the beach would have me scanning the horizon for signs of a tsunami; every home my kids visit would be populated with a rabid dog, a loaded weapon, clouds of toxic second-hand smoke and a limb-mangling backyard trampoline set up on a concrete pad; and every school field trip would involve poorly maintained buses (bad brakes) driven by legally blind maniacs whose drug-induced haze has convinced them they’re participating in a demolition derby.

 The good news for my kids (and my sanity) is that I’ve learned not to let my imagination go wild.  And as I gain more experience successfully resisting the urge to morph into a wild-eyed helicopter mom whose kids live in GPS equipped, hermetically sealed (except for fresh oxygen exchange) safety suits, I find that it often boils down to two simple things:  keeping it real, and common sense.

In SavvyMomSafeKids I will focus on practical, proactive solutions to child safety issues, and share articles, news, products and links that I think are worth checking out.  I was actually inspired to start SavvyMomSafeKids after connecting with the folks behind a couple of great child safety products, Eyedentity Label and Our Child Safe.  I love the fact that they both are clever answers to serious child safety challenges, which is why I decided to join their affiliate program.  Neither company is interested in a full-on hard-sell approach, which works well for me, because I’m about as far from a hard-sell kind of gal as you can get.  They are in the child safety business because they’re concerned parents who want to provide services that help keep kids safe and happy, and that philosophy meshes perfectly with mine. 

My ultimate goal is to help myself and others manage a balance between being alert and proactive, and being able to just relax and enjoy parenting…hopefully allowing our children the freedom to enjoy being kids.

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