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About SavvyMom

I am…

  • fiercely loyal
  • a fabulous friend, mother, daughter, wife, sister
  • greatly amused by my own jokes
  • greatly amused by most other people’s jokes
  • an anglophile and huge Winston Churchill admirer
  • a voracious – and extremely fast – reader
  • compelled to sing loudly whenever I hear a song I like (you would be amazed at the number of songs I know every word to)
  • proud to be a Coast Guard brat and a UW grad (go Huskies!)

I am not…

  • tall and leggy, much to my chagrin
  • mathematically blessed
  • a slow walker
  • easily offended
  • someone you would want as your tennis partner (however I make a great opponent)
  • a fan of boxing
  • needy or clingy
  • a close talker

After decades in the Seattle area I now find myself in the opposite corner of the States in sunny southern Florida, raising a couple of fun yet challenging kids ages 10 and 12.  I love being a mom.  I really do.  But as every other parent out there knows, it ain’t for sissies.  As soon as I figure out how to deal with an issue, my kids come up with something new that I never even saw barreling down the parental pike.

I’ve always enjoyed hearing about the parenting adventures – good and bad – of other moms and dads (truth be told I take particular pleasure when I hear about other people’s screw-ups…it’s nice to be reminded that no one is a perfect parent).  So in the spirit of “turn about is fair play” I decided to share my successes and my failures, good mommy and mean mommy moments alike, with other parents who might agree with my basic child rearing philosophy:

  • parents should actually be their children’s parents, not their friends
  • if we protect our kids from every failure and potential hurt as they grow up we will stunt their emotional growth and rob them of precious opportunities to learn how to deal with the inevitable stumbles and disappointments of life (this can be hard to remember)
  • a little bit of common sense goes a long way
  • decisions should be based on reality, not feelings or wishful thinking
  • life is much more enjoyable when your cup is half-full and you exercise your sense of humor as often as possible (whether other people laugh or not)
  • happiness is a choice
  • having a reputation as “strict parents” is a good thing
  • it is vital to show your children that they are worthy of respect and should behave accordingly
  • being proactive is a great way to avoid potential headaches and unpleasant surprises

It’s important to remember that despite all of the disheartening stories we hear in the news there are a lot of people out there just like us, doing their best to raise happy, caring, successful, well-adjusted kids.  I think by sticking together, supporting each other, sharing resources and laughing at ourselves once in a while we can all help encourage one another to raise our kids to be the next “greatest generation.”  It may be a lofty goal, but don’t they – don’t we all –  deserve it?

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  1. March 30, 2010 8:49 am

    Let me just say, I’m loving your blog! 🙂


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