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A road trip blog that includes the phrase “Pyrrhic victory.” Go on…you know you want to look.

July 7, 2010

The Savvy family recently returned from a two-week road trip.  Planned by my husband, it took us to an awesome naval aviation museum (at Pensacola, where my Dad had his USCG flight training), three Civil War battlefields, two Revolutionary War battlefields, several out-of-the-way ramshackle little towns in the deep south where various artists associated with the Blues were born or lived during their formative years, Graceland (yes, we made the pilgrimage) and Sun Studio in Memphis where Elvis recorded many of his early songs – including his first ever.  Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and numerous other big names of the early 50’s also recorded there, and at the end of the tour we stood in the very same modest little recording studio where musical history was made.  (I was almost equally impressed by the fact that U2 recorded “Rattle and Hum” there too.  The hubs, who despises U2 with a passion – don’t ask, I love him so I overlook it even when he says, “They are stinkbombs” – not so much.)

Oh…did you think I was done?  If I don’t mention Fort Sumter or the battleship USS Alabama, aircraft carrier USS Yorktown and submarine Clamagore (all WWII vintage) said spousal unit might interpret the omissions to mean that I didn’t enjoy those tours.  For the record, having grown up as the child of a military man and being very familiar with those types of exhibits, I enjoyed them thoroughly and was happy to share the experience with my own kids.

quiet country road

The road to Shiloh National Military Park

It was a lovely trip.  Thank goodness my kids are easy travelers.  I must confess we broke down and now have a DVD player in the car after intense lobbying by two very determined lawyers-in-training.  Although they always did fine without it (we are regular road-trippers) I have to say it cuts down quite a bit on grouchy grumbling and slap-fests in the back seat.  We still manage to be mean parents, though (yes, this Mean Mommy married an equally detestable and loathsome Daddy) and its use is tightly regulated, much to their chagrin:

…it’s a Pyrrhic victory as I have managed to ruin the effect by imposing a “no use while just tooling around town” rule along with severe restrictions on road trip usage:  they may watch one video of their choosing after watching an educational video (Bill Nye the Science Guy rocks, thank goodness!!) and their total time is limited to 1/3 of the time spent on the road.

Yes, we had a fun time and made some life-long memories.  Especially me, as I suspect I will never forget getting hit with a sudden and severe attack of food poisoning while walking around Charleston’s beautiful historic district.  Heat index of 105, a 20 minute walk back to the hotel, and no public bathroom in sight.  Yep…those scars run deep.

Give me a year and I may – just may – be ready to do it all over again.

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