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Wish I was that Clever…

February 19, 2010

I think I used to be much more clever than I am now.  I can’t say for sure because years of chronic sleep-deprivation, trying to remember 52 different constantly changing passwords and account names, and generally acting as the mental repository for all details related to the daily schedule of a family of four has completely addled my brain and left me struggling to make it through each day without an embarrassing “tip of the tongue” incident in which I stand in front of someone for an eternity, mouth agape and eyes blankly glazed over.   (On the flip side, clearly it hasn’t affected my ability to concoct a grossly inflated run-on sentence, so apparently at least part of the hard drive is still functioning correctly.)

That being said, I am still capable of recognizing cleverness when I see it.  So when the folks at Amber Alert Registry (a sponsor) came up with a way to make their website even more useful to proactive parents, I was duly impressed.  AAR is now Our Child Safe:  Amber Alert Registry & Medical Vault (Our Child Safe, for short).

The savvy folks who were clever enough to think up AAR in the first place realized their website would be helpful to a lot more people if, in addition to preparing for an all-out emergency situation, it also allowed for the more mundane scenarios parents deal with on a regular basis.  They also got a lot of feedback from parents of kids who had medical conditions (autism being the most prevalent) and needed more options to include all of the necessary details specific to their child. 

So after months spent consulting with medical experts, including emergency room personnel, they have unveiled the new and improved website.  It includes everything from immunization records (my personal favorite – I can never find the dang cards when I need them and often end up writing “up to date on all immunizations;” it will be nice to just log on and have all of the specific vaccinations and dates in seconds) to detailed prescription notes.  All of the information is stored securely yet accessed instantly with your password. 

Our Child Safe was recently featured on the Miami FOX news affiliate WSVN’s Parent to Parent segment and quickly garnered more interest than any other featured service.  Clearly they are on to something that many parents are looking for…and I think that’s pretty clever.

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