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November 14, 2009

Because if I don’t shamelessly cross-promote myself, who will?

The can’t-miss subject du jour for bloggers and newsies alike is the swine flu, and I did not hesitate to jump on the bandwagon with The Swine Flu Blues.  Is it a world-altering pandemic in the making?  Should we all be running around in hazmat suits or at the very least face-masks?  Is the vaccine a safe and effective protection against the potentially fatal disease, or is it a Trojan Horse concocted by a vast international conspiracy determined to…well…no one seems to know what, but surely it can’t be very pleasant?

Shortly after I published my blog on whether or not to get the H1N1 vaccine, I found the following online article:  WHO Emphasizes H1N1 Vaccine Safety.  Then my high school friend, now a pharmacist and mother, admitted to the same quandary and came up with the same answer (“39,000 Chinese Can’t Be Wrong;” be sure to read “Scripts” at the top of the page, too).  I think she was even more skeptical than I to begin with, and that coupled with her inside information (not to mention what was clearly a more intelligent method of research) has reinforced my belief that I made the right decision.  That being said, there are many people who vociferously disagree (as illustrated by the first three comments on my vaccine post).

Again, I think we all need to make our own informed decisions and hope for the best.  If you are looking for links and information on H1N1 and the vaccine, be sure to check out Swine Flu Re-do.  It’s much more amusing and informative than the title suggests (I’ll have to have a talk with my editor about that.)

Okay, I don’t really have my own blog post to link with this next one, considering it is a touching and beautiful post  on Motherhood.  Mine tend to be more along the lines of blaming my children for pigment-challenged follicular fiascoes (Why Mothers Get Gray Hairs)  and confessions of the stifling and cruel conditions in which my unlucky children live (Mean Mommy).  So read my two posts for the bitter and then visit the other for the sweet.  It’s kind of a yin-yang thing, and isn’t that what makes life interesting?  (And note how cleverly I did manage to tie a couple of my own posts in with the other after all?  Props to me!  Oh, wait a minute…that probably borders on nauseating self-promotion…forget I mentioned it.  Shameless I’m okay with, but I have to draw the line somewhere.  Nauseating is as good a place as any.)

And don’t worry.  There’s more where that came from!

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