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“Girls Rock!” More Great Resources to Build Teen Self-Esteem

September 3, 2009

I personally believe that teaching a girl how to be a lady is an essential part of the foundation upon which healthy self-esteem can be built (Oh Yes, It’s Ladies Night).  But clearly it’s a complex, multi-layered process, and in this day and age we parents need all the help we can get in order to give our daughters all the help they need.  Fortunately there’s a ton of great information available on the internet.  Following are some of the best sites and articles I’ve come across so far: – “Being a Self-Assured Teenage Girl” – This one’s on a website aimed at teens that has a ton of information and links.  I recommend you check it out first, as there are several subjects/links that you’ll probably want to discuss with your teen before they read the related articles.

NYU Child Study Center – “How to Raise Girls with Healthy Self-Esteem” – This is a great website for parents.  The article is frighteningly informative regarding the reasons many teen girls’ self-esteem takes a hit when they enter middle school.  It ends with a long list of practical tips for…well, raising girls with healthy self-esteem.

Improving Teen Self Confidence ( – Simple actions parents can suggest to their teens to build self confidence step-by-step.

The main page on “Raising your Teenage Daughter” at  has mucho mucho links (that’s a technical term meaning “oodles of” or “more than you can shake a stick at”) to subjects under such headings as “Providing Positive Messages,” “Body Image and Self Esteem,” “Girls and Stress,” and “Expert Advice.”  Be aware you may have to wade through an annoying pop-up ad or two as this is a sponsored website, but I think it’s worth it.

And finally, I love the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty.” The page for girls  has loads of fun interactive quizes, and the “Image Manipulation” link will be particularly eye-opening for young girls unversed in the wiley ways of advertisers.  It’s also a vivid reminder to adults that the beautiful people we unconsciously compare ourselves to don’t actually look that good in real life – they’re all photo-shopped.  The moms and mentors page is great, too, with articles to read and guides and activities designed for moms to do with their daughters.  Overall an excellent website.

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