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Let’s Remind our Daughters: Girls Rock!

September 1, 2009

I never imagined that I would describe myself as “someone who tweets,” but here I am tweeting on Twitter every day for Amber Alert Registry (yes, I feel silly saying that, but at least it’s not called “tooting” on Twitter – thank goodness for small mercies).

There is plenty of junk floating around in the Twittersphere, to be sure.  Thanks to the healthy skepticism my parents instilled in my sisters and I, I find it easy to ignore the lure of links to such things as “Lose the baby weight in 10 days w/no diet or exercise!” and “Guaranteed $5000/month working from home!”  As my mother would say, there are two chances of that:  fat and slim.

But there is a lot of great networking going on, and today I was lucky enough to stumble upon some fellow Twitterers (or would they be fellow tweeters? fellow tweeting Twitterers?) who have websites promoting self-esteem and empowerment for young girls.  This is a subject close to my heart, as my very unique nearly-12-year-old daughter just started middle school.  Allow me to step up onto my soapbox for just one moment:  I would love to have five minutes in a sound-proof room to give a piece of my mind to the mental giant who came up with the idea of moving sixth-graders from elementary school – where God designed them to be – into middle school…Alright, stepping down now.  If I could wave a magic wand to make her feel secure;  comfortable speaking her mind; happy with who she is; able to resist the unearthly pressure our media puts on girls to be pretty, sexy and vapid; and bully-proof her for good measure, I would.  Since that’s not an option I’m always looking for support and practical expert advice.  I found both at the following sites: – This is a busy woman!  She’s an author, speaker, monthly contributor to Seventeen magazine and the Dove Digital Channel on MSN, and an expert contributor to numerous television media outlets, among other things.  I especially like her Tips and Tools section (check out Dare to be Who You Are: Tips to Remember, Ways to Love Yourself, and Tips for Being a Good Friend ). – Another woman who apparently has infinite energy, Rachel Simmons is an educator, author (her third book, “The Curse of the Good Girl,” was just released) and founder of the Girls Leadership Institue.  Her blogs are great for both parents and girls to read (you might want to vet them before you turn your daughter loose on the website; some are geared toward parents only).  I found Is She Boy Crazy or Under Pressure to Fit in? especially enlightening and right on the mark.  You can also check out her  5 Tips for Raising Confident, Assertive Girls.

Check back in a couple of days for more great resources.  There are a lot of savvy women out there who want to help us raise confident, positive girls, and I’m more than happy to tap into their expertise.

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