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It’s My Prerogative

August 25, 2009

Who the heck first coined the term, “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”?  Does anyone out there know?  Whoever he or she was, I think we all can agree their wisdom and insight has stood the test of time.  And I happen to think it takes a big person to admit they may be wrong.  (That’s big as in “confident,” “virtuous,” and “ethically sound,” mind you.)  So I am fessing up today to announce to the world (or at least to all fifteen to twenty people who will actually read this) that I am rethinking my position on allowing my son to use public bathrooms on his own (see You Lookin’ at Me?).

I have discovered a great website, Free Range Kids (“Giving our kids the freedom we had without going nuts.”)   A few posts ago, the author’s  Outrage of the Week regarding paranoid stranger-danger and public bathrooms caught my eye.  After reading it, I have to say she makes some good points.  And the statistics she uses certainly support her argument against being ridiculously overprotective.  So…since my son is now truly a big boy of ten, I’ll start sending him into the men’s room on his own.  However, I will stay close by until he comes out.  And I will make it very clear that if he does not come out in a timely manner, I will be sticking my head inside to yell his name in a very motherly (read: shrill and intrusive) manner.

I still have no problem with moms who bring their boys into public bathrooms, especially younger children.   It’s hard to fault a parent for doing what they think is best to protect their children from harm, even if it is a wee bit uncomfortable for someone else. 

Pun intended.

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