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Swine Flu Re-do

August 19, 2009

Public health officials are warning that come fall, the Swine Flu may make a comeback and be an even worse public health menace than it already has been.  I am not advocating panic (see The Swine Flu Blues) but it certainly makes sense to stay informed and to be prepared.  And so, in the spirit of informing and preparing, I give you the following links to pursue and peruse at your leisure:

Swine Flu vaccine orders pass one billion:  WHO  – Interesting article which illustrates how different countries are responding to the threat of a pandemic.  “Some countries — notably Greece, The Netherlands, Canada and Israel — have ordered enough double doses to inoculate their entire populations…Others, such as Germany, United States, Britain and France, have put in orders that would cover between 30 and 78 percent.”

US expects far fewer swine flu shots in October – Federal officials blindsided by a major program falling short of expectations at the last minute?  Hard to believe, I know, but the proof is in this AP article. 

CDC website Swine Flu (H1N1) page – More than the basic information you would expect from a government website.  Tons of interesting links and splashy graphics (interesting and splashy being relative terms, so don’t get too excited – but it is worth your time).  Includes information about the vaccine.

This Web MD article is very informative and also addresses concerns about fast-tracking the pandemic H1N1 vaccine. 

Consumer Reports health blog – I love Consumer Reports.  It must be the latent OSHA bureaucrat side of me, but I confess to eagerly anticipating the magazine each month with its product reviews, safety tests and page upon page of comparison graphs.  Anyway, as you would expect from CR, this site is full of straightforward information and helpful links.  Be sure to click on the emergency preparedness kit link.

U.S. National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine Environmental Health and Toxicology SIS (Specialized Information Services) – Whew!  It’s a good thing they abbreviated “Specialized Information Services.”  Wouldn’t want the official title to get too wordy or anything.  This site is as impressive as its title.  Federal and state responses, international resources, maps, the latest news updates, general information…it’s all here.  The list of links is long, so be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom.


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