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CPR Training – Just do it!

August 11, 2009

In the past week, two local children have been left in a coma and fighting for their lives following the kind of accident every parent dreads.  In one case, an 18-month-old little girl found an opening in the fence around the family’s pool and fell in.  In the other, a four-year-old boy choked on a hot dog.  I do not know all of the details in either case.  I do not know whether or not their parents, who found them, knew and were able to perform CPR as they waited for medics to arrive. 

This is not an editorial on what the parents may have done wrong or whether or not they were somehow neglectful.  (Reading some of the comments posted with the online news article was eye-opening; people with no more details than I have glibly criticizing the parents and making heartbreakingly cruel comments about them – even a few unkind remarks about the little girl’s name.  Shameful!!!)  This is a simple reminder that accidents and unexpected medical emergencies do happen, and they happen to, and around, people like you and me.  They happen on mundane “everyday” days, days that begin with the promise of being no different than the comfortable routine of yesterday and the week, the month, the year before. 

CPR saves lives.  According to The American Heart Association website, “The value of early CPR by bystanders is that it can “buy time” by maintaining some blood flow to the heart and brain during cardiac arrest.”  Don’t we all know this already?  It is in every single person’s best interest to be as prepared as possible.  The victim we help may be someone we know and love or simply a stranger on the street.  In either case, wouldn’t you like to be able to help that person – perhaps that child – buy some extra time?

Learning CPR is not difficult (in fact it’s even simpler than it used to be) it is not expensive, and it doesn’t take a big time commitment. My daughter and I took a three-hour CPR class at our local library along with the rest of her Girl Scout troop.  To find a CPR/First Aid class near you try your library, your local fire station or the local hospital.  You can also plug your zip code into the Red Cross website for their local listings. 

Learn CPR.  Do it in honor of two little children I hope, I pray, will make it.

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  1. August 12, 2009 10:38 am

    You are so right about the CPR Safety class. Years ago I worked in a restaurant and they had all kinds of posters up in the Kitchen to show you how to do CPR if needed. I think everyone should take the class posters don’t help when time is of great importance for someones life. Thanks for the tip on where to find a class I will call today to find out. Anyone who works with the public should have some training Keep up the great work love your Blogs Thanks Donna

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