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Great Minds Think Alike

June 23, 2009

Having recently moved from an area where the summer water temperature is cold enough to cause serious shrinkage a la George Costanza to a place where we can swim year round, the kids were particularly excited to start Surfing Camp.  

As per my usual routine for the first day of kids camp, I arrived a bit early in order to make introductions and pepper the lifeguard instructor with questions about the program.  (Do you have scheduled water breaks?  What if they need more than one bottle?  Will the kids be out in the sun all day?  What is the bathroom routine?  What are the alternate plans in case of rain?  What is the instructor/student ratio?)

Satisfied with the answers I received (Yes; they can refill at the water fountain; there are two large sun shades set up on the beach; an instructor accompanies the child and waits outside the bathroom; playing games and learning about ocean safety/marine life under the Pavilion; 5 to 1) I stood aside to wait for everyone to get checked in and the program to begin.

Up walked another woman, kidlet in tow.  I had to smile to myself when she began asking the poor guy almost all of the same questions I just had.  To his credit, he never gave any indication that this was at least the second time – and likely the tenth or twelfth time – that he’d had to repeat the information.  What can I say?  Great minds think alike. 

It’s always reassuring to see other proactive parents in action, and to see the people we trust to keep our children safe so happy to indulge us.

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