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The Daddy Difference

June 21, 2009

A few posts back I commented on the real difference between men and women.  Although I wouldn’t categorize my point as “man-bashing,” I have to admit it wasn’t exactly flattering, either.  So in the interests of fair play and Father’s Day I thought I’d share some pro-Daddy thoughts.

Although my husband may not be the best at keeping an eye on the kids while engaged in another activity, he does excel at staying calm and logical in the face of traumatic situations that make my toenails curl and flood my body with enough adrenalin to lift a fully loaded Smart Car.

This seems to be a typical male vs. female reaction.  Just yesterday some friends experienced one of those awful situations all parents dread when their three-year-0ld gashed his foot open while they were enjoying a boat outing.  Fortunately, a trip to the emergency room and six stitches later he was already back on both feet – despite his parents’ instructions to the contrary.  (Read “Why Mothers Get Gray Hairs” to learn why I can say with certainty that there’s now at least one bottle of superior gray coverage hair color on their bathroom shelf).

In the midst of the blood, gore and screams, mom panicked and was ready to ground the boat and call in an ambulance.  Her husband had a much more pragmatic analysis of the carnage; the boy clearly needed stitches, but he wasn’t going to lose anything and he wasn’t going to bleed to death.  Ergo, heading back to their dock and driving to the emergency room where she could stay with their son while dad returned to put the boat away would suffice.  Later that evening while telling the story, she admitted to – and laughed at – her overreaction.

And my friend who left his infant daughter in the car on a grocery shopping trip (“The Real Difference Between Men and Women“)?  He’s redeemed himself over the years by remaining calm, cool and relatively collected during a few of his own family trips to the emergency room.

Like most women, if absolutely necessary, my friend and I can handle a child-related emergency without hyperventilating.  But it’s nice to know we can count on those unflappable dads, too.

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