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More Summer Safety Resources

June 17, 2009

I’m amazed at the number of websites out there that really aren’t worth a hill of beans.  Metaphorically speaking, I kissed a few frogs before I found the following truly informative sites: – This is a general information website (the most visited for children’s health and development, according to their own PR), with a ton of articles and resources in Parents, Kids, and Teens sections.  Although there are specific safety sections, much of the information covers a variety of subjects related to health and well-being.  Be aware that the Kids and Teens sections both have pretty frank information on age-appropriate topics.  It’s all very straightforward and covers some great questions and concerns that seem to be universal to the growing-up experience, but you may want to check it out first to confirm that the approach is right for your child. – Includes current updates on child safety issues in the news, including Product Recalls and Public Policy (although the policy links are a bit outdated…apparently politicians have other priorities at the moment).  Check out the links on the right side covering everything from car safety to pedestrian, railroad, poison, water and toy safety.  Each link takes you to a landing page with a ton of information and opportunities to click on even more links.  On the left side, be sure to click on Media Center and then Seasonal Safety, Safety Tips  (for downloadable PDF’s) and Safety Links (dozens of links related to 17 different topics).  One bone to pick:  under Safety Links they have two related to the Brady Center and Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  I didn’t see anything on either site that actually addresses gun safety tips for kids.  Instead check out the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” safety program which was developed especially to teach children to “STOP!, Don’t touch, Leave the area, and Tell an adult”. – And last but not least, I like this page for the fact that it lists numerous potentially dangerous scenarios, along with discussion questions for you to talk through with your child.

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