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A Bike Helmet That Won’t Mess with Your Head

June 2, 2009

Does anyone else go crazy trying to keep their kid’s bike helmet properly fitted?  The very act of unbuckling and pulling off their helmet (not to mention hanging it on their handlebar) messes up the strap system, so every time my children put it back on it’s a little looser on one side or the other.  Adjusting the right side pulls the left out of whack and vice verse.   

Before you know it the perfectly snug fit I spent ten minutes attaining (accompanied by much whining, foot stomping and foaming at the mouth – and it’s not just the kids) has gone completely wonky and the helmet starts sliding around on their head like an air hockey puck gone berserk, clearly defeating the purpose.  Honestly, I consider myself of at least average intelligence (above if I’m well rested) and it’s enough to make my head spin.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cursed helmet manufacturers under my breath for creating an exercise in futility under the guise of keeping my child safe from bodily injury.  Now one of the biggest names in bike helmets, Bell, is promoting a new system they call “true fit.”  According to Bell, this system includes fixed straps with only one adjustment – a buckle under the wearer’s chin – to be made each time you put the helmet on. 

For tips on properly fitting a helmet and a video demo of the True Fit helmet, go to the Bell True Fit website.

It certainly looks promising to me.  I’m happy to try anything that makes life easier, and the fact that my kids’ helmets would actually fit right every time they plop them on their invaluable little heads is just icing on the cake.

Maybe those helmet manufacturers aren’t so bad after all.

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