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Summer Safety Resources

May 29, 2009

You know the deal…There are unlimited links and sites out there with summer safety tips.  Following is a short list of some I found worth a visit:

Some great info from the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Skip past the first part (basics of sun care; I covered it in a much more entertaining fashion in my Sun Savvy post and related Links).  Read from “Heat Stress in Exercising Children” down for a ton of practical safety tips on everything from lawn mowing to bicycles.  For instance, you’re not supposed to buy a bike big enough for your child to “grow into.”  Who knew?  Shoes, clothes…why not bikes?  Read and ye shall be enlightened!

Love this one – it will keep you busy for awhile.  Each section has an impressive number of articles.  Especially informative are the “Outside,” “Sports and Activities,” and “Traveling” sections.

Skip “Products for Summer Fun and Safety” (basically ads for sunblock, bug spray and a rather unattractive Scooby Doo swimsuit).  Most of the rest of the links have helpful information, though, and if you want an opportunity to exercise your brain without any MENSA-level questions (personally that’s a big “thanks but no thanks” for me) click on the Summer Safety Quiz at the bottom of the page.

An interesting twist on the idea of summer safety, including a reminder that summer vacations can be great family bonding time with everyone reaping the benefits of fond memories and a tight-knit clan for years to come.

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