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You Lookin’ at Me?

May 8, 2009

I am proud to report that I recently was the recipient of a very pointed, “Tsk  tsk, what is this world coming to?” dirty look.  I am not a confrontational person, but I have to admit that I actually not only enjoyed it, but would have loved to have responded wittily with a smarty-pants comeback, had my aging mental faculties not failed me.  At the time the best I could muster was a raised eyebrow and a dismissive “talk to the hand” sideways head-bob.

My crime?  I brought my nine-year-old son into the ladies room rather than send him into a public men’s room alone.  If it’s a single stall, fine.  If not, into the ladies room he goes.  Now I realize this will only be appropriate for a another year or so.  Believe me, the kid’s not going to be shaving and still be using the bathroom with the person wearing a triangle on the door.  But for now, I’m just not comfortable with him entering a public restroom on his own.  

I don’t understand why seeing a little boy in the ladies bathroom is so offensive.  And frankly, I don’t care.  Begging your pardon, but yes, I am more concerned with my son’s safety than with your finely-tuned hair-trigger sense of outrage.  He clearly was there with me, was well-behaved, and was not some random unescorted prepubescent peeping Tom peering through the cracks in the stalls and trying to cop a look under the doors. 

You know those leashes you sometimes see toddlers wearing?  I have to say, I think they’re a little odd (holding the trusting, soft little hand of your child in yours is one of the greatest feelings in the world – why not take advantage of an excuse to do so when you’re out and about instead of hooking them up to a leash?).  And I might even mentally raise my eyebrow and think, “Hmmmm,” when I see one.  But I would never give the parent a dirty look for doing what they think best to keep their child safe.  And I’ll happily endure any such looks directed my way for the same reason.  I just hope next time the synapses are all firing and I come up with a snappy and enlightening comeback.


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